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Financials Adjusted, Profit Marketed, Business Sold

If you or your clients want to embark on an exit path from your business I would like to help.

If the business is ready for sale let me prepare a listing proposal for you to consider. If it is not let me help you with an honest appraisal and outline what steps you may be able to take to prepare it for sale.

It all starts with a conversation so that we can determine which path to take on the journey towards turning your business to cash.

Business broking services are part of the arsenal of services I can offer but there are more.
As a Registered Business Valuer I will be able to appraise your business to help you determine if the business is likely to meet your expectations with respect to sale price. Alternatively I can help you determine what you need to do to get it there.

When it comes to sales we have a choice of approaches which is determined by the type and scale of your business. Let me explain them to you and see what will work for you.

I am able to prepare a written document for you to consider when it comes to consider what direction you need to take.

Life doesn’t have to be complicated. Although I am able to prepare an opinion of value that is defendable in a court of law I have generally found that what is required is a simpler and honest market based assessment of what it is worth and to locate any problems with it if they exist. This reduces the cost and complexity significantly.



Contact Harry Notaras at Hunting Business Sales and Valuation Services to arrange to have your business venture valued. Allow Harry to engage his high level of expertise and years of experience to gain a comprehensive valuation.

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